News: Transform into a human flag

Transform into a human flag

The human flag is one of the hardest tricks in all of gymnastics, parkour, freerunning and general playground acrobatics.

Key to parkour is its underground cache. Born by rebels, it's an exhibition of how well one could get (creatively) through an urban environment if they were being chased.

The schools of thought are split. Parkour artists are devout to the rule that every movement is purposeful. Freerunners on the other hand prefer to add non-essential flourish to get through the obstacles. So, even though this would popularly be classified as a parkour move, the human flag is everything but.

This is a feat of human strength. A gravity defying exercise. Make sure you train on both sides, as the imbalance could result in awkwardly asymmetrical trap muscle development.

The producers of this piece, 3Run are a UK-based cooperative, pursuing freedom of mind, body and spirit through movement. This is one of many of their exceptional films.

Perform the bar hold or parkour flag trick

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what ever!!!!

so impossible. when you can do this you become a super human. no question. superb control.

thanxs - i can do it now!

That's not impossible. All you need is practice, strength training, and balance.

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