News: How Santa Claus Does Parkour

How Santa Claus Does Parkour

Santa Claus has to visit a lot of houses in very little time. When the reindeers are on break (Rudolph really likes his "egg nog", Santa sometimes needs to do a little traveling on his own. In a city or crowded neighborhood parkour can actually be pretty useful and obviously pretty bad ass.

If I saw Santa Claus backflipping out of my window I think I would have a lot more respect for the guy. I mean coming down a chimney and eating cookies sounds great, but where is the action and excitement. Parkour Santa is a true champion of awesomeness.

If you like Santa's moves try this move on for size.

Parkour is also very useful for escaping zombies or the avoiding the robot revolution. Master it yourself by following WonderHowTo's vast collection of Parkour tutorials.

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Nice gift. Merry Christmas.

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