Pomparkour: What if Ladders Were Used in Parkour?

What if Ladders Were Used in Parkour?

New Zealand energy drink V creates a new imaginary sport coined Pomparkour to promote their product.

Not a bad idea. The addition of ladders ups parkour to all new heights (no pun intended).

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I dont care what anyone says, parkour is a dumb name. It's Free Running, dammit.

Looks hard to lug a big ladder around though.

@eshian: lol... newb >.>'' parkour and free-running are two distinct styles >.>'

Ive yet to see the difference.

I too was under the impression that they were the same, guess not :S Here's sum wiki

The term freerunning is sometimes used interchangeably with parkour. While freerunning is more to do with expressing yourself within your environment, parkour is aiming to get from A to B the fastest

Freerunning is as its name suggests while Parkour is a race or time trial?
I suppose in an artistic way the name difference makes sense.

Call me a philistine, but I still think its kinda stupid.

Parkour is not a race, nor a time trial, it actually has little to do with speed, and a lot to do with preparation. Parkour is a philosophy, a method for life, not just a sport, it is non-competitive and does not display the theatrics of free-running if you're considering the purist model.

Parkour is getting from A to B as effectively as possible, whereas freerunning often can be called getting from point A to B as creatively (involving tricks to make it look as cool) as possible.

Look up Parkour - The Nature of Challenge in youtube for a better explanation on what is parkour.

Cool im going to try that

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