News: Rollerblade Wiz Takes on Parkour (Get Ready for Insanity)

Rollerblade Wiz Takes on Parkour (Get Ready for Insanity)

Not surprisingly, parkour is even more awesome when performed on rollerblades. Especially when the performer is incredible stuntman Mathieu Ledoux.

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These guys are super heroes in the making.

These guys are idiots for thinking its parkour. Parkour is free RUNNING. All their doing is blading and doin tricks n stunts -.-' This is a bit of an insult to the actual sport.

Now that you mention it, you're right. WTF.

Going to correct you here. Parkour, or parkours 'des arms, was developed by the french military as a mean of evading capture, and is essentially for getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. It involves vaults, climbs, jumps and falls; Free-Running is more of an art form and is more for style and self expression. Flips, tumbles, spins, and repetetive, expressive movements are more enveloped in free running, though parkour and free running are often confused as being the same thing. Even though he is on skates, he is doing essentially what a tracuer does.

that was soo sick better the free running or parkour you have a gift from god so amazing

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