How To: Use advanced roll techniques in parkour or free runnin

Use advanced roll techniques in parkour or free runnin

Levi Meeuwenberg demonstrates how to do a parkour roll. First, practice the takeoff leap. Use forward momentum to jump out. Enter the landing leaning forward with the weight in front of your feat so you fall into the roll. Be physically and mentally tense and prepared when coming into the landing. Land with your feet parallel and square in the direction where you're heading. Keep your feet a bit less than shoulder width apart. Use a bend at the hips to complete the shoulder roll. Push against the ground using your glute hamstring chain. Use reverse blocking to convert downward momentum into forward momentum. Your legs should recoil against the ground and propel you forward when executing the parkour roll. You can use an off center double hand placement. Be sure not to place the hands too close to the feet.

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